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Frequently mistaken for mice at a first glance, these nuisance pests can damage your home or business’s landscaping, plants, trees, and grass quickly and quietly. To protect your home or business from voles, you should take steps for prevention. Schedule a Pest Control Inspection Today!

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Have Questions about Voles and other Rodents?

Have Questions about Voles and other Rodents?

We have the answers!

Voles are small rodents, sometimes referred to as field mice, voles are nuisance pests found all throughout Colorado. These pests live underground and travel primarily via tunnels, but you can also find them in areas with tall grass or dense vegetation. Voles eating habits include plants, tree bark, grass, fruits, and nuts.

Voles resemble pet hamsters, except with shorter tails and fatter bodies. Depending on the type of voles in your area, they can grow anywhere from 5 to 7 inches. Voles are fast and try to stay out of the line of sight.

Look for gnawed off bark on trees.
Ground damage that resembles an “above-ground tunnel,” unlike moles that build underground tunnels that can make the ground feel soft when you walk on it.
Small holes in your yard about 1 to 2 inches in diameter.
Plants that have wilted or are easy to remove from the ground with light pressure, signaling the destruction of the root system by a vole.

Voles tend to live in areas that are favorable to areas with vegetation like dense grassy fields, woodlands and gardens.

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