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Snakes can be either harmless or deadly. Always call an expert to handle a snake found on your residential or commercial property. Colorado is home to a variety of snakes but one of the most commonly found snakes is the rattlesnake. Schedule a Wildlife Pest Control Inspection Today!

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Have Questions about Snakes and how to get rid of them?

Have Questions about Snakes and how to get rid of them?

We have the answers!

Get Rid of Snakes Today!

Stumbling upon a snake in your home or business can evoke fear and you may be tempted to kill them. Guardian Pest Management can get rid of these reptiles for you humanely. Contact your wildlife experts today for a consultation! Call us today at (303) 346-7087.

What Can You Expect With Our Snakes Service?

As with many wild animals, attempting to handle snakes is highly ill-advised. Our service focuses on finding the entry points around your home and sealing them up. Our experts will:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection in and outside your home or business for live snakes or snake burrows near the foundation of your structure.
  • Prevent snakes from entering your home or business, using the highest quality professional-grade products to seal any holes large enough to prevent future entry.

Are Snakes Harmful?

There are two classes of snakes: venomous and non-venomous. Thankfully, the majority of the species of snakes that are found in Colorado fall in the latter category.

The species of snakes that you are most likely to encounter around your home is the Garter snake. Garter snakes are generally harmless but will bite humans and pets when provoked. In fact, your pets are more likely to get bitten by a snake, due to their curious nature and are more likely to encounter hidden snakes.

In the case that a snake enters your home or business and removal is necessary, contact Guardian Pest Management. When outside your home and business, Snakes are a beneficial animal to have as they help keep rodent and insect populations under control.

Schedule your wildlife control service today by calling (303) 346-7087.

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