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Mice and Rats are common home-invading pests. Like all pests, when it comes to mice, rats and rodents, we know what you’re dealing with and can help with pest control prevention. Schedule a Pest Control Inspection Today!

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Have Questions about Mice and other Rodents?

Have Questions about Mice and other Rodents?

We have the answers!

When it comes to keeping mice and rats out of your home, your primary goals should be to take away any factors that are attracting mice inside in the first place, as well as sealing off any possible entry points.

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Wipe up any spills from floors or countertops immediately.
Store all food in air-tight containers or the refrigerator.
Pick up any uneaten pet food.
Take out the trash regularly
Store trash in containers with tight-fitting lids.
Fill in any holes around the exterior of your home.
Fill in holes in the foundation of your home.

By following these preventative measures, you should be able to greatly reduce your odds of having to deal with a mouse infestation in your home.

Several factors attract mice and rats into a home. Primarily, these are access to food, water, and shelter. Therefore, things like leaving food out, not wiping up spills, the improper storage of trash, and the presence of leaky pipes could all be contributing factors that may attract mice into a home or business.

You may not be able to tell by looking at them, but mice are adept climbers. Mice are capable of climbing almost any surface that has enough texture for their feet to grip. In fact, a mouse is capable of climbing up to 13” up a smooth vertical wall. In addition to this, mice can jump up to a foot. This means there is almost no place in your home a mouse cannot get to.

If you spot a single mouse inside of your home it does not necessarily mean there is an infestation. However, mice are social creatures who more often than not invade in large numbers. As such, one mouse generally means there is a mouse infestation in your home. For this reason, if you spot a single mouse in your home, you should treat it as if it were an infestation.

While mice are adept climbers, their night vision is not so great. So, no, mice are not capable of seeing in the dark. Rodents, in general, have very poor vision. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t formidable pests. Mice infestations should never be taken lightly.

Yes, the most common rat found in Colorado is the Norway rat, also known as a brown rat. These rats live along the banks of creeks, ditches, and they can move into areas where people live and work.

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